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Let our fingers do the walking. Let your mouse do the searching. Let Yellow Pages realize business communications. Let's search business opportunities at www.yp.

YP.COM.CN is your online updated Yellow Pages directory available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year that aims to keep you in touch with the right business the moment you need a product or service.

In 1998, an independent research was carried out and the results were as follows:

Who use the directory?

40% of the company managers use the directory;
30% of the company directors use the directory;
28% of the company secretaries use the directory.

Who and what are they looking for?

50% use the directory to find companies in their neighbourhood;
25% look for information on companies they've already known.

What do they look for in an advertising?

30% like to read information on what the company has to offer;
50% first look at advertising with a logo.

What is our role?

It's simple. We present to you a marketing solution that aims to provide a link between you and your potential client or supplier. A link that is available at any time from anywhere that can be constantly updated for the latest information on any company, organization or business that advertises in the directory.


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