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1. How to use "Advanced Search"?
 Guide to first-time visitors

Basic Search

China Yellowpages Online offfers easy and convenient search. All you need is just to enter what you're searching for and click "enter" button. Then begins your search!

China Yellowpages Online is very accurate and sensitive to its search words, i.e., you'll get different results while putting into "computer makeup"and "computering making". Therefore you may try different key words each time.

Use of "AND"

You do not need to use "and" while searching, for the system can automatically add "AND" between key words. It can afford all the records relative to your search condition. If you want to minify your search range, just fill in more words. For example, you are searching for some tea company in Hangzhou, you can enter"Hangzhou Tea"(leave some space between "Hangzhou"and "Tea"), then click "search". You Do Not need to put into"Hangzhou and Tea".

Usual Problems Occurred

How to reduce your search scope??

    You may get too many results sometimes. In order to obtain most practical information, you need to cut down useless ones by entering more key words.

Is it efficient to use "OR"/"AND"?

    China Yellowpages Online neither uses the word "AND" nor "OR"in search. Because the system do not support "OR" search, it does not accept such instructions as"either A or B", "both A and B", i.e., you want to search "tea"and"beverage", you must search twice, one for "tea", one for "beverage".

Does capital or lowercase affect the search results?

    The search does not distinguish capital or lowercase letters. For example, you will get same results while putting into "Glasses", "glaSSes" or "GLASSES".

Words Ignored

    Usually, we ignore too frequently used words, like "we","our", number and common characters and words that do not mean much.

Why is there no current page number display while we get many pages of records?

    To improve search speed, we count total records without pagination.

2. Use of "Category YP" and "Search by District"
It is very easy to use these functions. All you need is just to go on according to the indication step by step. You do not need to fill in any word. So"enter" button is frequently used.
3. Suggested explorer
Compatable Explorer :
    Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher
    Netscape 4.0 or higher
    Opera 4.0 with Java or higher
Suggested explorer:
    Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
    Netscape 6.0 or higher
    Opera 5.11 with Java or higher

    In order to protect your privacy and the safty of operation as well as the normal use of this web site, you'd better use Internet Explorer 5.0 or more advanced versions.

Suitable screen resolution

    720 x 480 or higher
Suggested screen resolution
    800 x 600 or 1024 x 768

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