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    Fill in any information in this dialogue box according to the hints. If the hints have "or" words, just fill in one of them. If you aren't sure about a field, it is better to leave it blank.


  1. Search by Business Information - Choose a Province, then fill in at least one of category, business name and city.
  2. Search by Areacode - Just fill in Areacode, and the list of the enterprises in this area will be seen.
  3. Category Search - Choose a Province and fulfill the search box.
  4. Reverse Lookup - Fill in the areacode.


  1. Search by the business address -- Just fill in the box with appointed address, i.e., if you are searching for YP information in Fengtai Beijing, just choose the Province Beijing and then fill in Beijing Fengtai.
  2. Search by business scope or detailed information of a business-Just type these information in the volumn of Business Name.
  3. Make a good use of searching words, i.e., if you want to find an enterprise in the line of electric appliances in Shanghai, you can fill in the volumn of Business Name the words electric appliance(s) shanghai or shanghai electric appliance(s).


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